(37) Last Hope of the Luftwaffe: Me 163, He 162, Me 262

Color profiles: Jacek Pasieczny (He 163), Simon Schatz (He 162), Arkadiusz Wróbel (Me 262), captions: Maciej Góralczyk

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Color profiles: Jacek Pasieczny

Messerschmitt Me 163 B V53; W.Nr. 16310062, ‘White 9’, flown by Uffz. Kurt Schiebeler of 1./JG 400, Brandis, Germany, early August 1944. The fuselage of this plane was painted in RLM 76 and also quite densely mottled with RLM 74 and 75. The underside was painted RLM 76, whilst the wing upper surfaces received a splinter camouflage of RLM 74 and 75. However, the use of RLM 81 and 82 instead of RLM 74 and 75 cannot be excluded. The front part of the nose was probably yellow. The fin sported a small prototype number, supplemented with the letter ‘x’ whose significance is unknown. Uffz. Kurt Schiebeler is one of only a few pilots who managed to record any victories in the Me 163. He claimed a B-17 on the 11th September 1944 and a Herausschuss (damaging a bomber that resulted in its separation from the formation) of another one on the 7th October 1944. His victory total stood at six.

Messerschmitt Me 163 B; ‘White 10’, flown by Lt. Hans-Ludwig Löscher of 1./JG 400, Brandis, Germany, late February 1945. The upper surfaces of ‘White 10’ were painted with patches of RLM 81 and 82, while the undersurfaces were painted RLM 76. The nose tip was white with a thin black ring aft, and black electric generator propeller. Please note the DF-loop antenna on the fuselage spine. This aircraft is sometimes identified as W.Nr. 190598, but in this case, it remains unclear as a photo of a differently camouflaged Me 163 B sporting that serial number on the fin exists.