The Japanese Aircraft Carrier Taiho

The design work on the new carrier commenced as early as 1937 and the initial design was unveiled on 27 November and received the number “02”. On 21 July 1938 corrections were done to the design and it was approved.

Japanese Battleships 1905–1940. Vol. I

The foundations of shipbuilding industry and structure of the navy
The turning point of Japanese shipbuilding industry was July 8, 1853 when a squadron of US Navy “black ships”, led by Commodore Matthew Perry anchored in Edo Bay (known today as Tokyo Bay).

The German Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin

The 1930s was the period of extensive growth of military aviation throughout the world, including carrier-based aviation. The world’s greatest navies began extensive effort of aircraft carrier procurement.

The Battleship Tirpitz

The Tirpitz, sister ship of the legendary Bismarck, was the last battleship to be procured by the German Kriegsmarine.

The Light Cruiser Yahagi

Yahagi, the second Japanese warship of that name, was the third of the four Agano-class vessels (the other three being Agano, Noshiro and Sakawa).