The Japanese Battleship Fuso 1944

Laid down at Kure on 11 March 1912, launched 28 March 1914, joined the Navy on 8 November 1915.

He was the second battleship bearing the name of the first "Fuso" was one of the first ships of the Imperial Navy,participated in the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese war, and among the officers who took him to England, Admiral. The battleship Fuso enrolled in the 1st division of the linear ships of the First fleet. Japan at this time was involved in the first world war, but the ship was tested and the course of combat training in peacetime. The first long-range voyage of the new battleship became patrulirovanie Chinese waters April 1917.

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In late February — early March 1918 Fuso made another trip to the Chinese coast Until the end of the year ship of the line engaged in combat training, both independently and as part of the connection. 1 December 1918 brought him in reserve. The ship had made a number of upgrades, including the installation of a 5 80 mm anti-aircraft guns. Stay in the reserve ended on 1 August 1919. "Yamato" is back in the squad 1 division of battleships — started combat training, both individual and in a compound.

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In 1920 took place the next campaign in Chinese waters. In December 1921, the ship was taken in reserve for modernization, the most important of which was the increase in the angle of elevation of the guns of the main caliber, the installation of the new range finders with a base of 8 m instead of 4.5 m. In 1923, the "Fuso" returned to the fleet. In September 1923 the crew of the battleship participated in rescue and recovery after the Great Tokyo earthquake

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At the end of March 1925 Fuso for a month spent in the Chinese waters. In December, the ship of the line, was appointed Lieutenant Prince Takamatsu, Nobuhiro, brother of Emperor Hirohito. On the ship he will last long and will be back aboard the battleship already a Lieutenant in 1933. In the spring of 1926 underwent another hike in Chinese waters.

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1 December 1926-1 December 1927, the battleship was in reserve. During this time the ship took anti-torpedo nets on bow superstructure mounted outdoor command bridge. In the spring of 1928 was the next big hike in Chinese waters, and from 7 to 12 April, Fuso paid a visit to the British possession of Hong Kong. On my return — training and participation in larger fleet maneuvers. 1 December 1928 the ship was put in reserve for a short period.

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